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Privacy Policy

Last updated: 11th of June, 2018
This Privacy Policy explains how Dagagada Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the company” or “we") collects, stores and protects the personal information of the users who use our products and services.
This Privacy Policy is applied to the personal information collected through the games, mobile application programs or website developed and serviced by the company. If you use the services of our company. You are to agree the information processing of our company stated in this privacy policy. Please do not use the services of our company if you do not agree to the information processing of the company.
We do not collect or use the personal information of users for purposes other than those clearly stated in this Privacy Policy.

1. Personal information collected by the company
Most of the information collected by the company is provided by users while playing games or interacting with the advertisements popped up while playing games or the advertisement of games posted by other publishers. Usually, the information collected by the company is provided by users of their own volition in the process of communication between the company and users while inquiring the device in use, the information helpful to identification of users’ devices for smooth service and the pattern of gaming, etc.
In addition, the information on your interest and purchasing disposition can be provided by Google Play, App Store or a third party company.
The information that can be collected from users through services is classified as follows.
1-1. Automatically collected information
When users use the services, the following information on the user or device that can be regarded as personal information according to the Data Protection Act can be collected automatically.
- The type and operation system, model, manufacturer, screen size, resolution and other technological data of the used device; the data necessary for the develop to check the compatibility between the application and the device; and the data about the usage of services, i.e., the data generated while using the gaming service such as the progress of game, level and the basic setting of game.
- IP address and unit identifier such as advertisement ID (non-personal identifier connected uniquely with the device) and device ID No.
- Extensive geographical location in a nation or city through IP address
1-2. Information provided by users of their own volition
The company may receive the following certain information from users of their own volition or request them to provide such information in order to offer smooth services, reply to the question of users or solve their problems.
- User’s name, e-mail address or related matters necessary for replying to question or solving difficulties
- All information provided for the support team by users through e-mail
1-3. Information provided by a third party
The game and applications of the company are offering the services necessary for smooth gaming including LeaderBoard and Achievement through Google Play Game Service and Apple Game Center, and the data or personal information generated or provided at this time is managed by the privacy policy of the concerned company. Refer to the privacy policy of the concerned platform stated below.
Also, the company places the advertisements of a third-party advertiser in order to service the games for free or at cheap costs and may receive related data and information from advertisement partners. Such third-party advertisement partners include, but not limited to, the advertisement suppliers indicated below.
- Unity ads
- Admob
Refer to the privacy policy of each advertisement supplier.
1-4. Information that is not collected
We do not request or collect any information of users related to below matters.
- Information related to health
- Physical characteristic
- Race
- Political orientation
- Religious or philosophical belief
- Sexual interests or orientation
Please be careful of these matters when users provide or share information with the company.

2. Use of collected personal information
The company provides game service for users on the basis of the collected information on the device of users. The collected information is also used for improvement of games and services and provision of the best environment for users after analysis. In addition, it is used for posting of advertisement of advertisement partners or services related to In-App Purchase. Furthermore, users’ information is used for observation of the legal obligations of the company.
2-1. Use for provision and operation of service
The company uses the information of users for development, provision, improvement, update and customization of games and other services, solution of technological problems, etc.
2-2. Use for service analysis and research
The company uses the collected information for analysis of users’ pattern of use of games and services and the problems occurring while using services, research for new services, etc.
2-3. Use for advertisement
The company uses collected information for placing the advertisements of third-party advertisers in order to provide games and services for free or at cheap prices.
2-4. Use for In-App Purchase
Some of the games and services of the company include In-App Purchase items. At the time of In-App Purchase, the company does not process the procedures for payment and does not have access to the credit card information of the user. Processing of payment and transaction is done through App Store account or Google Play account, and the related process is controlled and managed by the procedures and conditions of Apple and Google. Refer to the privacy policy and terms of service of the concerned store.
2-5. Use according to legal obligation
The company may use the collected information for tax report and payment or when it is required by special legal requirements.

3. Sharing collected personal information
Basically, the company does not sell, trade or rent the personal information of users. However, the company may share the collected information with third-party partners in order to process and carry out the functions necessary for the operation of the company’s services which cannot be provided by the company only such as LeaderBoard, Achievement, In-App Purchase and advertisement.
In addition, the company may comply with the request for information share made by the public agencies, government agencies, etc. inside or outside the country of residence for reasons of national security, investigation, public interest, etc. according to lawful procedure

4. Security
The company is always taking careful measures when storing and processing data in order to protect the collected information safely and prevent illegal access and use, change, opening, etc. of the information. However, such measures do not guarantee perfect prevention of all risks.

5. Protection of children
The company cannot recognize the age of users when collecting personal information. We do not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under 16 years of age. We also do not request personal information from anyone under 16 years of age intentionally. If you, as a parent or guardian, come to know that your child provided personal information for us, please contact us. We will take proper measures for sure.

6. Revision of policy
The company may revise and update this Privacy Policy whenever it is necessary in order to protect users and respond to change of laws.
The revised policy will be posted on the website of the company immediately.

7. Contact information
If you have any question or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please send us an email to the following address: support@dagagada.com